Key Performance Indicators

Renal patients


If you need dialysis, you will arrive at the hospital no more than 15 minutes before or after your scheduled appointment time. On departure, you will be collected within 30 minutes of NHS staff booking your journey home.

Outpatient appointments


If you are going to an outpatient appointment you will arrive on time and no more than 75 minutes early. On departure, you will be collected within 120 minutes of NHS staff booking your journey home.

Going home after a stay in hospital


The Hospital will make a transport booking for your journey home either in advance or on the day of your discharge. Once you have been made ready for discharge by the ward or department, G4S will aim to collect you within 120 minutes.


It is essential to contact us if you no longer  need transport. 

Not cancelling transport impacts other  people's arrangements on that day and may  prevent others from getting to their  appointments on time.  

You can cancel your transport by calling the  booking line on: 

Tel: 0800 096 0211  

(Option 1 for bookings over 24-hours and Option 2 for  bookings on the day) 

Yes, a carer or family member can book an appointment on your behalf. They will just need details of your appointment and current medical condition.

Your views are very welcome. To fill in our feedback form click -

When making a booking you will be asked whether you wish to receive a feedback message. Upon completion of your journey, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback. 

Alternatively you can send an email to


If your medical condition means you need someone to travel with you, this can be arranged. Questions to assess whether you need to be accompanied are included during the booking.
Please be aware the vehicle may collect other patients en route. However, there are strict rules about how long your journey can be. Please see our full list of KPIs above for more detail.
The Healthcare Travel Costs scheme offers help for people who meet specific conditions. Visit and type travel costs in the search box to find out more.

You can find support from some of our Kent partners who are there to help you with advice and support. Follow the links below for additional information and contacts:

Age UK

Social Enterprise Kent

Book Patient Transport by calling:

0800 096 0211