How do I book?

Booking Patient Transport is as easy as A, B, C:

A. When you know the date and time of your appointment, call 0800 096 0211

B. Friendly G4S staff will take you through a set of clear, confidential questions to
determine if you are eligible, and ensure your medical needs are met

C. Your booking will be confirmed and you will receive a follow-up call at least 24 hours before your appointment. This call will clarify your appointment time, give you a pick-up time and check your medical needs.

Patient Transport promises

1. You will always be told what is happening, from your initial booking to the moment you arrive home after your appointment
2. You will be kept informed and given a new, realistic arrival time should your pick-up be delayed
3. You will always receive a friendly, helpful service that will keep you safe and secure
4. You will be listened to and your feedback will be acted upon wherever possible

Finally, please remember

Always book your transport as soon as possible. If your appointment is postponed or re-arranged, please call and amend your booking as soon as possible.

Please remember to bring your hospital letter and any medication you need to take on the day  of your journey.
It may be useful to bring something to read and  eat as you may be out for a considerable length  of time.

Book Patient Transport by calling:

0800 096 0211